Let’s get your life reignited!

As a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, hotel owner, and all around people loving person, I am so excited to work with you. Whether we work together in a longer term coaching relationship or an intensive wellness retreat (or both!), I look forward to getting to know you.

Individual coaching

I work with my clients predominantly via weekly or bi-weekly calls. If you prefer to meet in person and we are in the same location, that can also be arranged. If you are ready to rediscover your sense of self, reignite your life and set and achieve your goals for the future, please get in touch. I would love to work with you.


I offer both international and local retreats. I also customize private retreats if you have a group looking for something specific. To learn about upcoming retreats, click here.

Many people wonder how we will work together.

This is my commitment to you and my expectation of clients.

As a coach, I will:

Respect you in a non-judgemental way. Regardless of what we talk about or what you say, I will always support you without judgement.

Offer you opportunities to break habits and behaviours. By challenging you in a respectful manner, we can discover why you are stuck where you are and create methods and practices to get to the place you want to be.

Support you and help you become the person you envision. By actively listening, offering feedback and potential solutions, and reframing things so you can see them in a different light, I will be on your team and walk alongside you as embark on your journey of discovery and change.

Be honest with you. Sometimes it may be difficult to hear, but I commit to being completely honest with you.

Customize our sessions to your needs. What you need for growth and change is different from everyone else. I don’t follow a script and am committed to giving you the information and steps that are necessary for your journey.

As a client, you are ready to:

Commit to the process. You are going to be diving into some big changes likely. You should feel ready to do the work during and after the sessions and take responsibility for your own experience.

Commit to being on time and present in each session. If there is something that is going to come in the way of your presence (emotionally or physically), just try to give me ample warning and we can reschedule.

Be honest with yourself and with me. I won’t ever discuss what you say with anyone else. Things may be difficult to talk about, but this is how we move forward with change and discovery.

Challenge yourself. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you commit to giving it your all.

Find the joy in the process. This is YOUR journey and it should be enjoyable!